Studio M. Necander

This baby has had many names since I first started my own studio in 2003, first Blank Graphic Design and now lately The Art Department as two. But now it’s Studio M. Necander because that is simply what it is, the Design Studio of Martin Necander.

Getting here I have spent multiple years in the Advertising Industry as a creative. Studied design at Forsbergsskola and Berghs School of Communication with a design diploma. I was a founding member of the Hey, it’s Enrico Pallazzo! collective. We also started our family business Vinga Deli as a webshop selling fresh fish and other delicatessen.

It may come as no suprise that i offer services like Brand Identity, Graphic Design and Art Direction, as well as Photography working on multidisciplinary projects. Occationaly I even dabble with Copywriting and Illustration, and sometimes acting as a Corporate Consultant helping out start up businesses with Product Development.


Rosenlundsgatan 4
411 20 Göteborg, Sweden

Phone: +46(0)703 97 97 69

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Studio M. Necander 
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Studio M. Necander 
Contact me at

or follow me via social networks